Wir sind im Urlaub

Good morning Berlin!

The title is in German but I’ll try to write in English. Please correct me if you find incorrect writing, particularly the grammar. It’s been awhile since I wrote English essay. A mixing between German and English is nothing new for me 🙁

After what we’ve been through these past week, we deserve a nice and relaxing vacation. Actually it was decided around 2-3 weeks ago even though at that time we didn’t know yet what will happen. I really wish we could go to south Germany. But then we decided Berlin as a go.

Our good friend and his husband have just moved to Berlin for few months. She visited us last month while she was on business trip. I asked if she was in town during our visit and ended  up with the offer to stay in her apartment. Really nice huh? We accepted and here we are now, just woke up near by Alexanderplatz TV tower.

 We bought bus tickets for Hannover-Berlin trip. It costed 35€ including car seat for Danesh (5€). It was only Postbus which offer child seat for the journey. By other companies we should bring our own which we don’t have. It takes actually 4.10 with 2 stops in Braunschweig and Magdeburg. However because of traffic jams in the highway near Hannover, we arrived around 13.15 (it should be 8.25 – 12.35).

 I will post differently about our visited places and our culinary experience. Ah yaa Berlin is our culinary heaven by the way. It also our memorable city because  I met (again) my husband here 7 years ago.

So, hello from Berlin 😘



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