Visiting Wurmberg-Braunlage During Winter



This story will continue the previous story, when we were looking for snow in Lower Saxony. Since 2013, I rarely met thick snow or long lasting snow in Hanover. The snow would always be disappear in few days. For our guests, who came to Europe in winter and expected winter as it had always been shown in the winter-theme movie, wet winter was disappointing. In the previous story, I told about my mother. No matter how many times she visited us in Winter, her expectation was always meeting the snow. Here, I will tell you about my friend who did not say anything about snow but really happy when I said that we could see and play with snow. 😀

Another ski area ini Lower Saxony, please read in my previous post: Perjalanan Mencari Salju di Niedersachsen (sorry, the text is in Indonesian language).

She came in the last week of December. Not long after my mother flight back to Indonesia. She had short stay and returned back to Indonesia on 31. December.

It happened that the weather was so friendly, so that almost all the ski area in the south of Lower Saxony was closed. The only location, where we could still find snow, was Braunlage Wurmberg. I think the area is located on the highest mountain among other ski areas. However, the snow could only be found on the top of the mountain.

From Hannover my friend Lady, D, and I took Erixx to Bad Harzburg. This was actually the same train as in the previous story but we didn’t stop in Goslar. We rode the train until Bad Harzburg, the final stop, one stop after Goslar. The duration of the journey was about 1 hour and 19 minute. After that, we waited for the bus 820 (direction: am Glockenberg, Braunlage) at the bus stop located not far from the station. It needed 32 minutes for the bus to reach our final destination, the bus stop “Eisstadion, Braunlage”. The cable car terminal is located about 100 meter behind the ice stadion.

The tickets price can be seen in this website: Wumberg, Braunlage. You should aware that there are different types of ticket. You can buy one way ticket only up to the middle station or until the top station. You can also buy return ticket, both only to middle or top station. Or you can also buy ticket for middle station then middle to top and return to base. As always, there is discount ticket for student.

We did not wait too long before rode the cable car. This was my first experience and also for D taking a cable car to the top of the mountain. I would say, it was not a convenient ride but also not a bad journey. The cable car kept moving to the left and right. Sometimes it stopped for some time. My son looked to enjoy the ride and he was happy to see snow. 

Three of us were so happy seeing thick snow. It was like sand on the beach but white and cold. The view was so beautiful. However, the wind was strong and very cold. I tried not to wear my gloves but it made my fingers ill.  Then, we went to a small restaurant across the cable car station to buy a nice hot chocolate.

Wurmberg – Braunlage

We did not stay long since it was very cold and Lady did not wear appropriate winter costume. Around 4 o’clock we went back to the base station and took bus again. See you again Wurmberg!

Have you seen our youtube video? Have you ever been to ski area too?



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