Three Museums in One Day


Our friend Tasya said that when she had visited Nuremberg on the other day, the museum ticket could have been valid for more than one museum. I searched information and it was true 😊😊. In this city there are 9 Stadtmuseum or public museum. We can buy one day ticket to visit all of them in a day. One adult ticket costs 5€. Because I am a student, I got discounted price 3€. Our son was still free of charge. We bought one day ticket, so we needed to pay extra 2.50€/person.

Ayah decided that we visited Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände first, then Spielzeugsmuseum and finally Memorium Nürnberger Prozess. We planned to leave hotel around 9 and to visit the museums each for 2 hours. Reality was.. -__- We left hotel around 10, went first to DB museum to ask if they open on Eastern Monday and finally reached Dokuzentrum around 11.

During our stay we bought a TagesTicket Plus 11.90 €. It could be used up to 6 people, during the weekend and valid for all public transports.

Our first day in Nuremberg: Nürnberg.. Nuremberg..

How to reach the “Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Ground” from the main station? In front of the main entrance (Haupteingang) of the main station (Hauptbahnhof) there was a tram terminal. We took tram 9-Dokuzentrum and yes, we sat in the tram until the final stop.


According to the museum website, this huge construction was located in the southern of Nuremberg and was an unfinished Congress Hall. The building and other constructions in the surrounding area existed as a reminder of the megalomania of the party.


The museums was not an old style of historical museum. They provided audioguide in seven languages and modern media. Here we could see film, pictures, illustration, documents and material from the era. The exhibition was arranged, so that people could follow the history from the very beginning until the end of the era.


The Museum was so friendly for us who brought stroller, as they provided lift (lift for the entrance was located underneath the stairs outside the building) and proper space within exhibition area. There was lockers and also cloak hanger where we put our bags and jackets. Beside the ticket office there was a cafeteria.

My husband and I are not historic freak but we enjoy much everything about history. He, particularly, likes the stories about world war 2. For us, the 2 hours visit was not enough. We also took 2 year old boy with us and we took turn on taking care of him. The visit was our son’s first. He was surprisingly good. He ran, sang, played hide and seek, spoke a little bit louder and finally slept.


I suggest to spare at least 3 hours, if you really want to enjoy the museum. Unfortunately we could not visit the rest area of former party rally ground (free accessible) where most of the building was already destroyed.

We changed our plan because D slept. Instead of going to toy museum, we went to Memorium Nuremberg Trials. From the Dokuzentrum stop we took tram 9 to Hauptbahnhof, then took U1 to Bärenschanze. FYI, the underground train was without train driver 😀

I never knew about this place but my husband did. Though he never knew that the courtroom was opened for public. He was absolutely more than happy that he had chance to sit there, listen to the audioguide and watch the film. He sat more than 30 minutes (still he said, “if only I can have more time”) and I had only 15 minutes.  We were in a hurry because we still wanted to see the exhibition upstairs and went to toy museum.


What is this place? I copied from the museum website:  “This is where leaders of the Nazi regime had to answer for their crimes before an International Military Tribunal between November 20, 1945 and October 1, 1946.” The courtroom setting was a bit different than the later time. The exhibition provided history and material related to the trial. Once again, we had audioguide to listen the explanation. I felt sad when I heard most of the defendants said, “mir ist unschuldig.” (I am innocent).

When we reached the museum, D waked up. He was more cheerful and full of energy. In the courtroom he kept asking and in the exhibition area he sang “Balonku ada lima” -___- We were happy that we were allowed to bring the stroller too. I could put him in his stroller and war easily to calm him down hihihi…


Our last destination was toy museum where Tasya suggested us to bring Danesh. The museum divided into sections. There was an area full of doll, area with different toys from wood, trains, music instrument and many more. The train section was absolutely my son’s favorite 🙂


We were happy that D was good for first timer. Actually we had been afraid that he would be boring then did unnecessary things. But he didn’t annoy other visitors and enjoy himself. Our lesson as parents: the more we panicked, the more we were afraid of anything he did, the more we said NO!, the more D became uncontrollable. How was your experience with little children in museum?


Our last day in Nürnberg will be posted soon..


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