• Liburan naik Schwebebahn Wuppertal

    Wuppertal: Liburan Naik Schwebebahn

    Liburan ke Wuppertal di awal tahun 2024 tujuannya masih sama dengan liburan beberapa tahun yang lalu, yaitu naik Schwebebahn. Apa istimewanya Schwebebahn ini hingga sampai diulangi lagi liburannya?

  • Transportasi ke Wuppertal Jerman

    Wuppertal: Transportasi ke Kotanya Schwebebahn

    Transportasi ke Wuppertal dapat dijangkau menggunakan kereta, bus dan tentu saja mobil pribadi. Traveller dapat menyesuaikan dengan budget yang dimiliki serta kondisinya masing-masing. Wuppertal termasuk salah satu kota yang memiliki ciri khas di Jerman, yaitu Schwebebahn atau kereta gantung, yang dijadikan sebagai alat transportasi dalam kotanya.

  • Jerman

    DB Museum and Last Day in Nuremberg

    Bismillah DB Museum or the train museum was actually the first priority among other museums because Danesh loves train. We spared the last day only to visit the museum, so that we didn’t need to be in a rush, we didn’t worry that we would be late for anything and D could enjoy himself. It’s located not far from the main station and actually walk-able. From the main station we took U1 and stopped at Opernhaus. After crossing the big street, we walked straight and the museum was on our right side. The special door for wheelchair or stroller could be found before the main building. The ticket price for…

  • Jerman

    Three Museums in One Day

    Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim Our friend Tasya said that when she had visited Nuremberg on the other day, the museum ticket could have been valid for more than one museum. I searched information and it was true 😊😊. In this city there are 9 Stadtmuseum or public museum. We can buy one day ticket to visit all of them in a day. One adult ticket costs 5€. Because I am a student, I got discounted price 3€. Our son was still free of charge. We bought one day ticket, so we needed to pay extra 2.50€/person. Ayah decided that we visited Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände first, then Spielzeugsmuseum and finally Memorium Nürnberger Prozess. We planned to leave…

  • Jerman

    Trip to Wuppertal

    Bismillahirrohmaanirrohiim.. On Wednesday we went to Wuppertal. We finally fulfilled our promise to Danesh 🙂 Wuppertal is located in and around river Wupper at North Rhine-Westphalia, a neighbor of Lower Saxony. This city is famous for its steep slopes, aspirin from pharmaceutical factory Bayer and its Schewebebahn. The last was our promise to our son, riding Schwebebahn. We took regional train from Hannover. Instead of buying Quer-Durch-Land (QDL) ticket, we bought Niedersachsensticket and NRW ticket. I found out that QDL didn’t cover transportation in a city. I mean, it can only be used for the regional train that connects cities, not for bus or tram within the city. With extra ticket for…