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    Birthday Trip ke Berlin

    Birthday trip yang aku lakukan beberapa waktu yang lalu idenya datang dari temanku yang memposkan sebuah konten di akun Instagramnya. Konten ini menggambarkan betapa nikmatnya me time, sendirian menikmati hari, cuti sejenak dari kesibukan peran sebagai seorang istri, ibu dan berbagai peran lainnya di tengah masyarakat.

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    Last day in Berlin

      We did not have plan for our last day in Berlin. Our train to Hannover was at 19.35 and we have lots time to spend.  As this trip was not our first time, we were very easy and decided to go to some places to eat (again) and took pictures with our son. Instead of bus TXL we rode bus 100 to the first stop, Humboldt University. We didn’t go inside, just took pictures in front of it and walked to Museum Island, on the way there we made stop in German historical museum. I just wanted to see what could we see inside. Sadly, Danesh was so cranky.. I…

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    Free Walking Tour in Berlin

    Day 2 morning in Berlin was super shiny day that I was so happy that today’s plan would be perfectly fits. We woke up late anyway but then were in hurry while Deva came back from her business trip soon and we also needed to be in front of Brandenburger Tor before 11 am. When you are on vacation with baby or toddler, forget about having early morning plan and even tight schedule. It was me who came up with an idea, “Mas, kita ikutan walking tour nya Sandeman yuk nanti di Berlin? soalnya aku kepingin tahu lokasi bunkernya Hitler.” I know my idea would not be rejected as he was also…

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    First Day in Berlin 

    The bus terminal (Berlin ZOB) is located not in city center as in Hannover. We can take either bus or U-Bahn. After my husband bought tickets, we took U-Bahn to our first stop. Information of Berlin transportation run by BVG is good. It is also available online. Comparing to ticket price in Hannover, Berlin’s is cheaper. I mean for 2 big zones daily ticket cost 7€. Instead of buying group ticket (17,30€) we bought 2 single day ticket. To go to our first place, after taking U-Bahn we needed to change with the bus. Around 20-30 minutes we could finally sit in a small restaurant close to the famous el-reda,…

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    Wir sind im Urlaub

    Good morning Berlin!    The title is in German but I’ll try to write in English. Please correct me if you find incorrect writing, particularly the grammar. It’s been awhile since I wrote English essay. A mixing between German and English is nothing new for me 🙁 After what we’ve been through these past week, we deserve a nice and relaxing vacation. Actually it was decided around 2-3 weeks ago even though at that time we didn’t know yet what will happen. I really wish we could go to south Germany. But then we decided Berlin as a go. Our good friend and his husband have just moved to Berlin…