Schloss Marienburg

My mother arrived when the weather was unfriendly. The temperature was going down, wet and the wind started to blow. For a week my mom stayed only at home. She helped me taking care of my son and the apartment.

However I couldn’t let her just doing domestic during her holiday. It was on Saturday the weather was better, I decided to take her to visit a castle outside Hannover. I never been there myself, so it would be our first together. It’s called Schloss Marienburg.

The beautiful castle can be seen from a far when we are on the way to Göttingen with train. You should sit on the right side because after passing Sarsted station, you will see the Marienberg or the hill with the castle upon it. The next stop is Nordstemen station, you still can see it a little until the train turn left.

Instead of taking train, we did choose bus. Eventhough it took longerer time but we can save money. To go with bus, mom only needed to buy 3 zones ticket from GVH for 8.20€. If we took train, she should buy Niedersachsen Ticket which costs 26€.

At noon we took Bus to Bahnhof Nordstadt and rode S-Bahn 5 to Paderborn. After 5 stops, we stopped at Bennigsen Bahnhof and waited for bus 380. We stopped again at Eldagsen Gestorfer Straße and got bus 310 to Pattensen ZOB. Yes, it was long way and took more than 1.5 hours. The bus stop was located right in front of the parking area of the castle.

I thought it was a very big castle as seen from a far. After we entered the main gate, on the left side was ticket office and souvenir shop and the right side was a restaurant. If you didn’t take tour then it was free to go inside and peacefully enjoy the grounds. With a 1 year old baby, it wasn’t good idea to join the tour.

Because the bus to Hannover is not so oft, we should wait for another 1.5 hours, we decided to sit on the bank, enjoy the sun and play along with my son.

According to Wikipedia Schloss Marienburg is located in Pattensen, an outer area of Hannover. King George built the castle as present for his wife’s birthday. They lived there only from 1866 until 1869. After that it was remains empty for 80 years an then after the world war 2 was used temporary as refugees place. Now it is a private property of prince Ernst August of Hannover. If you want to visit this castle, the opening hours and also the tour tickets information can be found in this website.

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