Nürnberg.. Nuremberg..


During the Easter holiday we went to a well-known city in Bayern, Nürnberg. Since long time I really wanted to visit this city because people said, “it’s beautiful.”

I was more than happy when we finally decided to go there. I bought two ICE tickets only for 76 €. It was the cheapest fare. I also booked the cheapest hotel (I could find), even though the price was out of our budget, 112 € for 2 nights in Ibis Hotel. Actually we preferred to stay in Airbnb apartment but unfortunately during Easter the price was more expensive than hotel.

Some story that might be helpful for hunting train ticket and hotel. I had looked at DB Bahn website for couple days before I finally bought our tickets. Previously, there were no low prices, even for the very first train. It was Saturday early morning in February when this fare popped in the website, 19€ one way for one passenger in 2nd class. Seat reservation was not included. We paid extra 18€. I really suggest you to reserve seat, particularly when you travel with kids. The reservation should be done immediately because the demand, especially during school holiday, was surely high. DB Bahn offers 2 types seat area for traveller with kids. For further information please check the website (information in German).

For the hotel, because I had previously booked Ibis, I came out with the idea to check Accor website. There was cheaper price for the member. Since the membership was free, I applied and then directly booked the hotel. We paid 98€.

I contacted friends who live there but they already planned holiday out of the town. Happily, our friends Tasya and Dimaz who live in Ingolstadt agreed to come 😊😊

After doing little bit research, I could conclude that the city was perfect for us. Everybody would be happy. My husband and me enjoy historical place and my son loves train. This city offers historical museums and area, train museum and beautiful old town. Thanks to Tasya, she uploaded Vlog about Dokuzentrum. I showed her video to Ayah and yes, I saw “sparkle in his eyes” 🙂

Please check out Tasya’s video: Dokuzentrum.

I didn’t have enough time to do further research, so that I could arrange a perfect itinerary for us. I didn’t even checked how to reach our hotel, which was unusual hehehe…

Our train departed on 7.26 am. We sat in family area which was a compartment for 6 persons. The journey was good because Danesh was happy and cheerful, the other kid and her family in our compartment were also nice. Thanks to the new wifi on board, when D started to be cranky, YouTube could easily cheer him up. We arrived on 10.50 ontime.

Since the check in time was at 15.00 and we would meet Tasha and Dimaz on 11.00, we decided to put our baggages into luggage storage which was located in the basement of the main station. It costed 5€/24 hours for the big size locker. Oh there was also Lidl, a supermarket, near the storage room that opened everyday.

This day we decided to walk and explore the old city of Nuremberg. It was located just in front of the main station. We went out from the main entrance, walked across the street and the tram terminal and then we finally met huge old gate, the entrance to Altstadt of Nuremberg. 

As I wrote, I did not make itinerary. We followed people and looked into the crowd. We found some interesting spots and a castle!!

Andina suggested me some restaurants. We decided to eat in a Japan restaurant that was located not too far from the castle. It was sooo delicious.

Around 17.00 we said good bye to Tasya and Dimaz. We went to our hotel that was located in Plärer, two stops with U-Bahn from main station. It was long day for us but we had good times.



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