My Trip to Copenhagen



Last week I went to Copenhagen 🇩🇰 Finally, I saw Scandinavia country. Although it wasn’t a holiday trip, I could enjoy much the city.

Copenhagen Main Station

For the first time, I went without my boy for 4 nights. It wasn’t easy.. However, I didn’t leave him alone with my husband. I invited my mother to come here. She arrived Saturday evening and I left Hannover Saturday late night.

I decided to go with the bus because it was the cheapest price I could find. If I took train, I needed to pay 20 euros more. If I chose airplane, I should pay definitely more euros. The flixbus return ticket was 58 €. It was a direct journey and the duration was around 9 hours. I expected that we would somewhere board the ferry. Unfortunately, the bus didn’t. Instead, we passed a long bridge in the middle of the night.

I had heard that any countries in Scandinavia were expensive to be traveled. I just realized I would spend lots when I started to search for accommodation. Since I traveled alone, I focused my searching on hostel room. I suddenly got a headache as I saw the prices. One bed in a female dormitory room for 6 or 8 persons or even more than that was around 30-40 euros. But then I was lucky. One day I pushed and ensured my self that as long as I didn’t book any, the price was getting higher. Then, I checked and a new name appeared, Steel House. It was a new hostel and had no comments. They provided 4 bed female dormitory room and the location was only two blocks from the main station. Because of my curiosity, I checked their website. Voila!! I got a discount! I just could not believe that I should pay 40 € for 2 nights in 4 beds female dormitory room. I closed my laptop and hurried to my husband, asked him to see if I got the right price. It was unbelievable true! 20€ for one night stay in the middle of Copenhagen was magic.

I arrived Sunday morning just before 7 am. The bus terminal was located 3 minutes walk from the main station. Because of the check-in time was 15 o’clock, I couldn’t directly go to the hostel and put my backpack there. I decided to rent locker in the main station.

Copenhagen Main Station

Copenhagen Main Station

The main station was big but compare to Hannover’s, it was smaller. The layout reminded me the Kota station in Jakarta. There, you could find food stalls, mini restaurant and Seven Eleven. I also found corner spot where I could connect to free WiFi.

My first good impressions was the toilet. Their money was not euro but kron. Although I brought kron, I still didn’t have coins to pay the toilet service (6 kron). I was happy because they also provided payment with credit card. Yeah I paid 70 cents euro with credit card 😂😂

Denmark Kron

I waited until 8 o’clock then went to the locker room which was located underground near the rail 11/12 and the police office. I rented the small locker for 24 hours. They charged 65 kron. You could choose to pay cash or with card. Instead of the lockers, you could also put the bigger baggage in a room. Somebody will help you to do that. The price was of course more expensive than mine.

Baggage information in the Copenhagen main station => visitcopenhagen

My plan for that day was explore the city alone and later join the freewalking tour.



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