Last day in Berlin

We did not have plan for our last day in Berlin. Our train to Hannover was at 19.35 and we have lots time to spend.  As this trip was not our first time, we were very easy and decided to go to some places to eat (again) and took pictures with our son.

Instead of bus TXL we rode bus 100 to the first stop, Humboldt University. We didn’t go inside, just took pictures in front of it and walked to Museum Island, on the way there we made stop in German historical museum. I just wanted to see what could we see inside. Sadly, Danesh was so cranky.. I could not even read the information of the statues there.

die Neue Wache or the New Guardhouse
The German Historical Museum or deutsches historisches Museum
Lustgerten and Museum Island

 We then continued our walk to Museum Island. Too bad the weather was not friendly this day, the wind blew strongly and cold. We made pictures in front of old museum and Berlin cathederal without any worry being approached by gypsies. Last time we came (yes, I come to Berlin always with Dio, as friend, as boyfriend, as husband, and now as father of my son :D) there were some of them in this area. We walked again to the bridge and then went down to walked along river Spree. There was DDR museum not far from the stairs and also line of visitor. That day was my first time seeing buildings behind old museum. According to the name of the location, the place consists of several interesting museums. Although the weather was bad but I still saw some interest by the people to visit those museums. If only we could have more days, I think I would come alone to visit Pergamon Museum, maybe next time. The line to visit this one was very long comparing to other museum around. Yes alone, Ayah should take care of our son and we can do in return if he wants to visit too. Going together I think not good option, he will be bored and then cranky -______-

Next destination was PEARL BUBBLE TEA!!!! I wanted really really much this drink, when I saw Ando posted in Path. According to Ocky who bought it for Ando, the shop ‘comebuy bubble tea’ was located in Berlin. Dina suggested me to buy this drink too actually. So, we went to Kudamm.. Happy me :))

In Kudam, there was a church, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, which its roof was broken because of the bomb during world war 2. We went there just to take photo and then catched bus to Topography of terror.

Actually we wanted to go to East Side Gallery to see again and again Berlin wall. Since the time was not enough, instead of going far we chose Berlin wall in Topography of terror. My wish, Danesh touched the wall hehehe.. We were bit in a rush only taking pict in front of Checkpoint Charlie.
Then we walked to Reichstag building.
Finished! we went back to Alexanderplatz and did last minute packing. Deva and Seto accompanied us to catch our IC train in Berlin Gesundbrunnen. Our ticket price was 38 euro without seat reservation.

See you Berlin!



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