If I were one of the lucky brides, I would…

It’s been that long since I could have my own time in our flat. Writing, hearing music and drinking glass of tea were luxurious for me. A week ago as I started to write some post here, I clicked YouTube to search an old song by Maroon 5. I just knew they had released new song earlier this year.

Sugar was the title. I could imagine this song would be easy and nice to hear. Actually I’m not a super big fans of this band but I just really much like all their songs 🙂 As I expected, the song was totally awesome!

I didn’t see the videoclip until I heard someone said “Oh my God!”. Then I played it again from the beginning. It was my turn then smiling and saying “Woowww cool!”. Here is the link from YouTube:

If I were one of the lucky brides, I would totally scream out loud too! I could met Adam Levine in person and hear this great band playing in my wedding. I might forget that I’m in the middle of a wedding and would sing and dance. Hey it was perfect! Or it was also possible that I lost my conscious as I were shocked by total surprise : D



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