Holiday Starts 

The last exam for the summer semester was the day before yesterday and it was statistics. I don’t want to talk about all exams here for sure. What I can say is that this semester was a very short one comparing to the winter semester. It started in May and finish at the end of July. I took only 2 compulsory modules and 1 module + 1 seminar for voluntary. Ah ya next week I still need to attend 2 days of training.

I would say, I did lots this semester. Not only came and sat in a classroom for a lecture, but I also took a morning Communication in medicine German course. So early May until the end of June was really exhausting.

Since I have two months of Summer holiday, I consider doing few agendas and hopefully, I can do it! I miss ibu-ibu Hannover, I want to go to Spielplatz with baby, I should try new recipes and bake something and of course, our little home needs me. If it’s possible, a short trip to some cities in Niedersachsen is interesting.

Still, eine Hausarbeit is soon to be handed at the end of September. I attend a C1 German course 3 days a week. Some projects are pop-ups but I’m not sure..

No.. No.. I don’t have any plans to do a vacation somewhere. I wish but no.. No.. Instead of the reason that my baby should do adaptation with his new playgroup, the job of Tuan Besar is a bit impossible for us now.

It’s summer holiday finally 🙂

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