DB Museum and Last Day in Nuremberg


DB Museum or the train museum was actually the first priority among other museums because Danesh loves train. We spared the last day only to visit the museum, so that we didn’t need to be in a rush, we didn’t worry that we would be late for anything and D could enjoy himself.


It’s located not far from the main station and actually walk-able. From the main station we took U1 and stopped at Opernhaus. After crossing the big street, we walked straight and the museum was on our right side. The special door for wheelchair or stroller could be found before the main building.

After the visit, in our way to U-Bahn stop.

The ticket price for adult was 6€. Once again I got special price, 5€, because of student.

The Museum was divided into sections according to the history of the train and levels. At the first level, we could find the entrance just behind the ticket office. The model of some trains we could find in this level. The highest level was the paradise for children, playground area. Ohh there was also outdoor area, where we saw another models, could go up into some kind of tower and ride mini train.

Some areas was during our visit closed. But it didn’t annoy us much.

Please enjoy the pictures as our son enjoy this place so much 😊


Gigantic locomotive
ICE 3 and The very first train in Germany








I tried the bank of the third class wagon

Something happened during our visit. The boy accidentally lost. D was standing in front of us when I asked husband the museum’s map. He pointed to the stroller, I searched and easily found it, I opened the map and in the same time asked him again, “Ayah, where is D?” Little boy was not there.. My husband ran to the exhibition hall and I searched all places in the direction to the main entrance. I prayed that he didn’t go this way really.. What if he went to the main entrance where lots of people there and he just lost. He was nowhere and then I decided to search my husband first before we did something else. I found my husband, he was actually hiding, he smiled and asked me to be quiet. Suddenly my little one came out from the corner. He was confuse, looking left and right to search for his parents (I thought so). He finally saw me, smiled, shouted “Bundaaaa” and then ran as fast as he could. My boy ❤❤..


We said sorry that we lost him and we told him that he shouldn’t do that again.


Ahh ya there are currently three DB Bahn Museums, in Nuremberg, Halle and Koblenz. Please visit their website first, DB Museum, to check the open time because they don’t open everyday.




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