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As my Semesterticket will be expired at the end of March, I planned to do some trips to cities covered by the ticket. At first, I really would like to visit Stade. This city is located near Hamburg and has a beautiful old harbor. Last minute, I canceled the plan because of the strong wind happened in Germany.

I changed the plan to a city located in the south of Hannover, Goslar. I thought the city might be colder than Hannover but the wind might feel better.

I visited Goslar a few years ago. I went there as part of the student group of the University of Goettingen doing a field trip to Rammelsberg in Goslar. Rammelsberg was a mining site and today is a museum which also provides a tour to the mining location.

Oh, my family and I once made a quick stop in Goslar when we went to Hahnenklee.

Anyway, the story about Hahnenklee can be read in my post with the title “Perjalanan Mencari Salju di Niedersachsen.”

So, I decided to visit Goslar again with my son. From Hannover, there is direct regional train served by Erixx. We took train RE10 at 10.48 and arrived at 11.53 (duration 1 hour and 5 minutes). Since I have Semesterticket (Goslar belongs to Lower Saxony), I did not need to buy an extra ticket. Neither did my son who is under 6 years old.

If you have an interest in Semesterticket, you can read it in my story here: Semesterticket.

Before I described our trip, I would like to give you little information about Goslar. This city has more than 1000 years of history. Once, it was called “Rome of the north” because many churches, chapels, and monasteries had been built here. Along the streets in the old town, you will find half-timbered houses and narrow, cobblestone streets. The city preserves some of the gates of the old fortress. For example, Breites Tor and Rosentor. The city and also Rammelsberg are since 1992 included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List of all mankind.

So, we were welcomed by good weather in Goslar. The train, as usual, stopped at platform 3. We used the stairs to reach the Bahnhof (station) building where the tourist information usually takes place. Oh please note: once you are on the platform one, the station building is just in front of you. I decided not to buy a bus ticket and walked to the old town of Goslar to find tourist information office. If you decide to go by bus, the bus stop is located in front of the train station or beside the platform one.


The city center and old town of Goslar were easy to find. Street signs were everywhere in the corner. I estimated 15-20 minutes walking from the station.

Street sign

First, we walked through Rosentor and met two statues one holding umbrella. Then, we went across the street and end up at Jakobikirchhof. At that time, there was a local market on the ground around the church. We continued our walk. I could find many familiar shops along the streets which can also be found in Hannover. There was also, imho, a small mall with restaurants, a supermarket, and some branded label which was quite nice. Finally, at the end of the street, we met Marktplatz.

The tourist information is located in Marktplatz. On the center of this location was a fountain. Rathaus, Kaiserworth, and Marktkirche are also around the square.

The tourist information has some kind of walking tour. Every day at 10.00 or Monday-Saturday at 13.30. For further information please check their website. I bought a map to direct us experience Goslar (price: 1,50 €).


My son and I made our own walking tour. If you want to create your own, the Goslar map provides three lines to be followed.

We did not have much time to enter each building shown on the map. We came, observed, and then walked again.. oh except the Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz). I was curious about what was inside it. My son was happy to see the small river and a wood mill beside the Zinnfiguren Museum.

Our final visit was Breites Tor. My son was too tired to continue our visit. Maybe someday we could come here again and visit Rammelsberg too. We went back to Hannover again with the train.

Hope you like my story and maybe someday visit Goslar too!


Ps. Video of our trip will be uploaded too!


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