• Hamil,  Hungaria

    Babymoon 3-Budapest Pictures

    Bismillahirrohmaanirrohim.. Our pictures.. #latepost Sorry I could not provide more pictures. I probably used my mother’s camera and forgot to copy it. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 -ameliasusilo-

  • Hamil,  Hungaria

    Babymoon 2-Budapest

    #latepost Babymoon 1 What happened during 13 hours journey? I felt sick! I was pregnant, the seat could not be perfectly reclined and my feet were bit cramped. Mom helped of course, so that I could be more comfortable. She had prepared meals and spared water for breakfast. We had breakfast while we were riding through Bratislava, few hours more to reach Budapest. After eating I felt better and started to look again the location of the apartment and our itinerary. Where did we stay? Whenever we traveled, we seldom chose hotel except the rate was cheaper than hostels and apartments. We stayed in an apartment that I found in…