Being a Giant in Madurodam



Disclaimer: I did not get paid on what I wrote here. It was truly based on my experience.

Visiting Madurodam with my family was my longtime dream. I wanted to share my excitement of being a giant around the miniature of the Netherlands to my husband and my son. The visit in April 2018 was not my first.

I remembered in 1995 my parents had taken me and my sister to Madurodam. The weather was so cold and it was raining during our visit. However, we were happy because we were giants. My sister ran everywhere, while I explored the tiny buildings. We played the little boats which actually floated through a replica of dam system. It was so exciting and memorable.

Madurodam, 1995

For our trip, we planned to visit Madurodam in the second day. We allocated the whole day to make the trip in Den Haag, where Madurodam park is located.

Actually, we could go directly to Den Haag from the train station near our hostel. But since I bought combi tickets, we had to go to Amsterdam Centraal (main station) first. About the combi ticket, I explained later. So, we took metro 53 (direction: Centraal station) from Venserpolder metro station to Amsterdam Centraal. The ticket price was 2.16 euro/person. I thought without OV card, the ticket machine charged an extra 1 euro/person (please correct me if I’m wrong). By the way, the combi ticket covered this cost. The metro will take you there for 14 minutes. The metro station is not directly located under the train station. You have to calculate the time.

We went to the platform where the NS Intercity (by the way, I missed the yellow Netherland train so much) to Den Haag was ready. I checked the official NS website, it was platform 9. Amsterdam – Den Haag was reached about 1 hour. I needed to tell you that we were impressed with the scenery along the journey. Both in the left and right side of the train rail, we could see tulip gardens. So, after we arrived, I remembered to go out and find tram number 9 (direction: Scheveningen Noord). In 16 minutes we met Madurodam park. The tram station was located just near the entrance gate.

Madurodam, 2018

It was like.. woooowwww.!!! I could not believe that after 23 years I came back to the park with husband and son.

About the combi ticket I mentioned before, I bought it online through Discover Holland Website. I felt really lucky as I found this ticket because we did not have much budget for our trip. A Discover Holland Madurodam ticket cost 32 euro. This ticket included admission ticket and day return train and tram ticket from Amsterdam Centraal to Den Haag. So, I paid 96 euro for the combi tickets and 17,50 euro for my son admission ticket. If I bought separately, I paid 77,40 euro for train and 58,50 euro for family ticket Madurodam. For your information, only children under 2 years old are free of charge.

Before enjoying the miniature of the Netherlands, you can choose whether to watch the history of George Maduro or directly go to the park. I forgot how long exactly the video duration was. For me, the video was quite interesting. The video show took place in a small building. After saw the video, we walked to the park.

My son was very happy that he ran so fast to get to the park. He liked everything.. the small cars, the small creatures, the mini theme park, the trains, the dam, the airport, really everything. We needed to push him so that he moved from playing ships in the dam to other places. He ran everywhere to see the train. He saw, played and discovered everything provided there.

The park also offered other attractions such as playgrounds for both little and big children, lifting the cheese, experience the 2 shows by the court of the Netherlands and discover New Amsterdam. I think the last two attractions are better for bigger children.

I hope you like my story and have the opportunity to visit Madurodam someday.


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