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Babymoon 1 -latepost

Babymoon means a travel during pregnancy. When I was pregnant two years ago, I did too. But I traveled with mom, not my husband.

One day, mba Shilda and I discussed about traveling because she would go to Switzerland that night. Then, I remembered that my last holiday abroad was during my babymoon.

As I wrote, my husband did not go. My mom accompanied me. She loves traveling as I do. It was never difficult to arrange and organize a plan with her.

Why did husband not go? He was doing apprentice, which was of course impossible to ask for 2 weeks holiday. But then I realized that it was better option because my mother knew what to do better than him when I was sick or too tired after walking all day hehehe..

I was 10 weeks – 1 day pregnant when I jumped to the train that would take us to Budapest. Everyone worried except me and husband. Even my mom asked whether it was safe or not. It was actually too risky, I didn’t tell my doctor and unfortunately I forgot to bring the pregnancy book.

Where did we go?
Hannover –> Budapest

It was the longest journey with a train I ever did. 12,5 hours was the total duration from Hannover to Budapest. We took on 16.36 IC train to Dresden and then changed to Euro Night train to Budapest. I paid 158€ for 2 people single journey. Before that, of course I did lots of comparison between train, bus and airplane tickets. The bus was of course the cheapest but had longer duration. On the other hand, airplane was the fastest but also the most expensive.

The wagon seats allocation was like a group. Hmmm how should I  explain it? so it was designed for each two passengers sit face to face with the other two passengers. It troubled me while my leg could not stretch forward and the seat itself could not lean backward as much as I wanted. However I could sleep much and woke up only when the train stopped at some station. A very nice old lady that sit in front of us allowed me to put my legs up to seat next to her. She spoke only slavish but with the gesture and smile could make the long journey feeling better.

Anyway, this train offered sleeper wagon which costed more than the usual wagon. I suggest to buy this and then the 12,5 hours would not be so bad.

Budapest –> Vienna

This was the best! I bought the ticket from the Hungary train website even though the train, Railjet, belongs to Austria. For the duration of 2.38 hours, I paid only 26€ for 2 persons. The train was very nice, fast and had good smell.

Vienna –> Prague

We chose bus operated by Eurolines. I paid 1100 CZK equal 40€ for 2 persons. The good thing was I could connect wifi nicely during the 4 hours trip 🙂

Prague –> Hannover

Another long trip for me while the Deutsche Bahn IC train took 7 hours to reach Hannover. Nothing to complain, as I could remember whenever I rode IC, this train never full loaded and more on time than ICE.

Overall I did have fun. Mom cooked and whenever the morning sickness came, she was there to comfort me. Which places we visited, where we stayed will be explained in other incoming posts.



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